Got great content but no imagery? We share our tips on finding or creating great images without breaking the budget

We all know that imagery is key in marketing right back in the days when leaflets were everywhere and you picked up a brochure to your social media or web imagery – it creates that initial impression and compels people to consume your content. However using a graphic designer can impact your budget and may not always be necessary for some digital content.

We have tried many ways around this but our goto sites are Canva and Pexels.


Canva is an online graphic package that allows you to create your own designs using photos and illustrations. It is a template driven service that has a number of pre-defined social media templates, blogging templates, print materials, presentations, awards and invitations.

You can upload your own photography or use some of their own imagery as well as create some really funky high impact graphics using typography and great colours.

Canva is available free or with a pro license.

Pro-Users get the benefit of:

  • Access to 300,000 free photos and illustrations
  • Organize your uploads and designs with unlimited folders and share with your team
  • Easily resize your designs with Magic Resize for any social media platform or design type
  • Save your brand colors, logos and fonts

The free package is great value but increasingly their images are only available with Pro.

Pro Packages start at around $10 a month to $13 a month depending on whether you pay upfront or not!


Pexels is a royalty free image library with a fantastic search function. Pexels license all their images under the Creative Commons Zero License which means that they are completely free to use for any legal purpose. This license was released by the non-profit organisation Creative Commons.

Although the images are free many of us pay an amount on a yearly basis to support the site and help to ensure that this great creative resource continues.

Their photography is great quality and comes from their community of photographers and sources like Unsplash, Gratisography, Little Visuals and more.

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