Don’t just turn the wheels on your business’ marketing this year, kick it into touch with a free marketing review and fresh creative ideas from Brick Marketing.

Strategic marketing directly contributes to meeting your business objectives whether you want to improve your brand awareness, generate enquiries, collect email addresses, build a community or generate sales. But sometimes you can be too close to the activities to see what needs to be changed or too busy running your business to look at what needs changing. If this sounds familiar it’s time for marketing review.

We are offering organisations a Free Digital Marketing Review in February. We will review your digital marketing for consistency of messaging and your brand, look at a typical user journey for your website and review your social media platforms against best practice. We will package this up into an easy to understand report and list of actions that will realign your marketing activities to your business objectives. We will even throw in a coffee from the amazing Linton Kitchen for when we go through the report.

If you are interested in a Free Marketing Review contact Brick Marketing, we are conveniently based in Linton, South Cambridge and work with clients in Linton, Cambridge, Ipswich, Saffron Walden, Manchester and London.

Contact us on or call us on 07977 225576 for a chat.