Right now we have a golden opportunity to help the wheels of business keep turning, and whilst it is vital to follow Public Health England’s advice on health, hygiene and interaction, we still need products and services.

In these times we need to think through how we can adapt the way we work and how we deliver our service to end-users – the key marketing actions during lockdown.

Communication is vital. Make sure your customers are in no doubt that you are still operational, you are taking orders, supporting clients. Have you changed service delivery do people know yet? Web, social media, email marketing, and posters have a huge role to play right now so make sure that you tell your customers and then tell them again.

Things to consider:

– Are your products and services up to date on your website?
– Are your online prices correct?
– What are your delivery terms?
– How are you telling customers that you are around?
– Are your opening hours up to date?

If you have, social media use it to amplify your content and point people to your website:

– Use social media to reassure your customers
– Use social media to communicate what you are offering
– Use social media to manage your customer service and answer questions and concerns from your current and new clients

Make use of email marketing to help get the message out. Email marketing is a neglected channel for many businesses, however, it can get you in front of your current customers or people that have shown an interest in your product/service or company by subscribing. In one email you can communicate to your entire customer base basic information and it is far more efficient than using your normal email platform. Have a look for email systems such as Mailchimp – up to a certain number of email addresses it is free. Worried about GDPR? According to the GDPR you can email customers under the basis of contract and legitimate interest. Before you press send, think about your message and the angle you are taking. Think about:

– Don’t come across as an ambulance chaser?
– Be factual but make sure they are up to date facts
– Show your sensitive side but don’t be overly emotional
– Make sure you include all relevant contact details

Use email marketing for your mass communications of key messages such as:

– Reassure people that you are open
– Reassure people that you have a Covid 19 plan
– Let people know that you can deliver your product/service in new ways
– Let people know you have a sale or an offer

Brick Marketing is open for business although we will have to be flexible to allow for team members that have their children at home. If you need a hand or want some advice we are very happy to lend a hand.

Contact us on natalie@brick-marketing.co.uk or call us on 07977 225576