Bikelife FB Cover

Issue: Outspoken Training were looking to expand their training programme “Bikelife”, however the branding on and offline was inconsistent and confusing. Brick worked with the team at Outspoken to develop a brand for this programme that worked with the current brand guidelines and would be appealing to individuals and businesses.

Approach: The initial design process started with a Brand Audit where we profiled each logo that has been used for Bikelife on and offline and on promotional items and then put together the family tree of logos for the whole business. We then spent time working on a brief looking at the attributes of the brand such as personality, tone, language and purpose.

Our designer then produced a series of concepts that worked with the current brand guidelines and within the brief.

Outcome: The new Bikelife logo works with the Outspoken Branding but also communicates the personality behind the brand. As part of the project we added this logo into the existing brand guidelines.

“Brick Marketing have provided us with a cost and time effective way of designing a new brand to sit within the Outspoken Family. The detailed brief meant that the design team were pretty much on track with the first set of concepts and now h

ave a logo that works with the current branding. Thanks Brick”

Kieron McNab, Head of Training