Issue: Outspoken is a cycle focussed business in Cambridge delivering training, supplying lease bikes for businesses, delivering courses, supplying event bikes, maintaining and repairing bikes and retailing Frog Bikes. They wanted to build on their success and expand lease bike contracts, hire of event bikes, booking of courses and cycle training in schools.

Approach: Brick Marketing worked with the key members of the teams and ran Discovery Day Workshops for each area of the business they wished to expand. The workshop took the team away from their everyday roles allowing them to bounce ideas off each other and think more widely about the business opportunities.

Outcome: As a result of this day we delivered a transcription of the whiteboard and flip-chart brainstorms, defined priorities for the business and marketing plan for each area of the business. Brick Marketing are now working alongside the team at Outspoken to deliver this plan on a retainer basis.

“Having someone come in and facilitate a Discovery Day Workshop has been invaluable. It has allowed us to take time away from our daily roles and brainstorm the whole business, identifying new opportunities that we can capitalise on. From this Natalie has made some great recommendations on revenue opportunities and planned out how we can get market ready.”

Rob King, Managing Director Outspoken