Issue: Stagnant Social Media Account

Hadleigh Maid is a well-known chocolatier in Suffolk producing a range of handcrafted chocolates, walnut whirls and tea cakes. They had been running a social media account for a number of years and came to Brick looking for some fresh ideas and a new marketing focussed approach.



At our first meeting we spent the time in understanding the brand and the business objectives of the business and the current customers and the new potential customers for this brand. We then carried out an audit of their current community and posts to gain an understanding of who they were talking to on social media and what posts performed well for this audience. This informed us sufficiently to define a detailed social media marketing plan based on a content calendar of predefined themes that would be interesting and relevant to their customers and would attract new relevant customers.


Since taking over the management of their account Facebook has grown organically by 17% and Instagram has grown by 50%.
The community has become really engaged with the content and subscribing to the newsletter and transferring to the shop. With sales s very engaged with the average post across Facebook generating 12% of online sales.
Introducing Brick was like having a new pair of eyes and together we stood back and assessed the whole business first to understand what we were doing well and not so well and focus on what our audience responded well to, so we could tailor our approach to increase and modify our communication for maximum response and engagement.