Issue: Lizzies Health and Beauty were looking to increase booking for all their therapists and reduce the peaks and troughs of bookings throughout the year.

Approach: Having spent time with the team at Lizzies, we were able to work out the best approach for the salon to build a social community, promote the therapists and define the tone for the their communication.

Brick now manages social media for Lizzies Health and Beauty, working with the team to come up with ideas for content, graphics and events as a means to build the community and manage the peaks and troughs.

Outcome: Lizzies community has grown by 15% since Brick Marketing has been managing their account and increased engagement with the posts by 15%. Social Media marketing has also allowed the salon to fill empty appointment slots and take some bookings via Facebook.

If you are looking for advice on how social media can support your business, reduce peaks and troughs across the year and increase sales then contact us at Brick for a chat 07977 225576 or email via the contact form.

Social Media Marketing for Beauty

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