Issue: Having completed the GDPR project the marketing team enlisted the help of Natalie, from Brick Marketing, to support the team over an extremely busy events period.

Outcome: Natalie worked alongside the existing marketing and sales team providing valuable support to the team in planning, event marketing, social media marketing and sponsor support.

During such a busy event period it is easy to lose track of the marketing activities needed for multiple events. Brick Marketing was able to support Verisk with a detailed event marketing template which ensured that the event warm-up, event day and wrap-up activities took place for each of the events. Natalie also defined and implemented the marketing support for the sponsors of this event series as well as managing the all the social media activities and email marketing broadcasts.
“Brick provided excellent supplementary Marketing support during a very busy period for our Sales and Events team.”
Tom Timms, Sales Director of GeoInformation at Verisk