Last week was a busy week in the studio with writing tenders for clients, articles for newspapers, and attending a new meet up in Cambridge Mob Happy.

Mob Happy has a really different vibe. It’s a meetup for marketing agencies and freelancers that tackles the kinds of business questions that can keep many of us up at night. Questions such as when should I recruit someone? Should I niche or stay with a broad offering? If I niche should this be on functional areas or sectors? Last week we discussed the subject of niching and relative pros and cons of this.

It was a thought-provoking couple of hours with experts from Onespacemedia, Cuttsy and Cuttsy, and Keystone Marketing and hosted by Kelly Molson from Rubber Cheese expertly navigating the conversation so that we stayed on track.

The key take-homes from the evening were:

  • Niching can be by sector, discipline, or value.
  • Niche in areas that you have expertise in, sectors that you know, and those where you have built up knowledge and know the vocabulary.
  • You can focus on a few niche areas.
  • Don’t be afraid to branch out from your niche to supporting companies in your niche.
  • Don’t be afraid to turn down work if it doesn’t fit within your niche.
  • Be proud to refer work across to other professionals – collaboration is much more productive than the competition.

I admired the frankness of the panel, their willingness to admit they had made the very same mistakes we all make, their openness in answering questions and their ability to take questions from the floor and answer without rehearsal.

Looking at Brick Marketing there are some natural niches appearing in our portfolio and some work that we haven’t even published yet so expect to see some changes to our offering and some tightening in our niche.

If you have anything to share on the subject of niching drop us a line at or put your comment below.