With GDPR less than two months away many marketers are busy with their GDPR plans, making sure that they are well on the way to compliance. However, with the new ePrivacy laws hot on our heels it is worth making the changes to your sign up forms that take account of both pieces of legislation.

There is much more to GDPR and ePrivacy than just websites, however websites are more visible and can leave us looking exposed. So it is worth checking your website and sign up process to make sure that you are on your way to compliance for May 25th.

Look at your sign up form and check the following:

  • Unbundled Consent: This kind of consent must be separate from other terms and conditions and must not be a precondition of signing up to a service unless it is necessary for that service. Think carefully about asking for email addresses as a condition of a prize draw or download of a white paper. 
  • Active opt-in: Pre ticked opt-in boxes are a no-no. The individual has to actively choose to opt in and not choose to opt out.
  • Granular: Allow people to select what they want to receive where-ever possible. Consider segmenting the topic areas that people can show an interest in and the types of communication they can receive.
  • Names: Name your organisation and any third parties who will be relying on consent.
  • Easy to withdraw: Tell people they have the right to withdraw consent at any time and how they can do this. Refer them to your unsubscribe button on your email newsletters and alerts, but also provide them with a contact email address if they want to unsubscribe or change preferences.
  • Proof: Make sure that you have copies of your opt-ins and an accurate record of what people have selected to receive. Whether your data from your sign up form goes into a database as part of your website or if you receive notifications via email, make sure this is documented and updated as things change.

Check your website:

  • Do you have an updated Privacy Policy
  • Terms and Conditions of Use
  • Cookie Policy

We have worked with a number of clients on their GDPR compliance programmes such as Geomni, part of the geospatial industry Smiro Qualitas from the pharmaceutical sector and The British Association Psychopharmacology educational membership organisation. 

and have found the Information Commissioners Website invaluable. If you haven’t started your plan yet take a look at their website and in particular the 12 steps to take NOW document.

If you need some support with GDPR contact us on hello@brick-marketing.co.uk

This is accurate as of March 29th, 2018 and is based on the research by Brick Marketing and should not be seen as providing any legally binding advice.

This information was last updated on April 27th 2020.