Without strategy content is just stuff & the world has enough stuff. So for every piece of content ask yourself what, why and for whom.

When we are in the thick of it with deadlines looming and tasks to complete it’s all too easy to forget about the importance of aligning our marketing activities to the marketing funnel and simply focus on getting our daily tasks completed. So last night was a great opportunity for Brick to run a workshop on this very subject.

The workshop was based on some research that we carried out a few months ago with a sample of B2B and B2C marketers and was hosted by the Chartered Institute of Marketing and the University of Bedfordshire.

We were interested to find out how many marketers were using social media? Which platforms they were using? How many businesses were integrating their plans with the marketing funnel? How many businesses had key performance indicators for their social media activity? And, finally what the burning questions were on social media and content.

What was interesting was…

Over 25% of marketers did not integrate their social media and content. 23% did not align their activities to the marketing funnel and over 50% did not have key performance indicators for their social media activity.

So with the help of this research and our on-boarding workbook, we spent an hour and a half reminding ourselves and twenty-five marketers of what we can all do to give more power to our messages and have more impact on our bottom line.

The workshop walked through the process of setting marketing objectives with a time frame and measurement criteria; discussed the social media platforms available to marketers and the issues facing each of them; we then brainstormed the vast amount of content that is out there; discussed curated versus created content; then revisited those age-old principles of the marketing funnel.

We then set everyone a case study to review and produce a funnel based marketing communications plan. The two case studies were based on a natural health brand looking to launch a new natural energy supplement for children and a legal firm who were looking to expand their commercial practice. These are both areas that we have experience in at Brick – so the results were interesting.

There was a huge amount of energy in the room and some fantastic ideas incorporating video content and video diaries, making use of key influencers and bloggers, perhaps not the top tier bloggers but the tier beneath them. Using hashtag research to find out who was posting and talking about natural health and issues with children’s energy. Publishing the scientific research behind this supplement and handing out samples in areas where parents hang out.

For the legal firm, the guys focussed their energy on using case studies on client success and testimonials from current business clients; they looked at guest blogging; using roadshow style events to create awareness of their commercial legal expertise and conducting primary research from which they could publish a report on the key legal issues that businesses face and the legal position for each of these.

The event was a great success with feedback from delegates from Argos Business and the CIM and University of Bedfordshire such as

The presentation was fab, it broke things down really well and this was reinforced by the group task. Also the workbook was really different, compared to other hand outs I’ve received and I think it will come in really handy with my planning going forward!

The presentation was great, it reminded me of how easy it can be to get bogged down in getting your tasks done without thinking about how this links to the marketing funnel and our marketing objectives.

We loved the way that Natalie took the time to sit with each of the tables and regardless of people’s level of marketing experience she broke down the task into logical steps so that they could understand how important the funnel is to our social and content marketing.

The event was a real boost to the team as no one wants to spend their free time and their training budget on a workshop where they learn nothing. We will definitely repeat these workshops for individual companies and groups so if you would like a bespoke workshop or to attend our next event then email us at hello@brick-marketing.co.uk.