Despite new technologies coming out all the time, the UK still loves Radio. Recent research suggests that 48.7 million adults or 90% of the adult UK population tune into their selected radio stations per week. So why aren’t more marketers making use of this medium as a channel to communicate and engage with their target audience?

Radio offers us marketers a plethora of opportunities from…

  1. Registering our events on community boards for presenters to announce
  2. Sending news pieces to the news desk
  3. Being interviewed
  4. Offering to support phone in programmes
  5. Paying to sponsor slots during the day
  6. And straightforward paid for advertising

Interestingly the first four of these activities are free and once you gain the trust of the station and the reputation for providing relevant non sales based content you will find you gain more air time.

In our experience many marketers miss an opportunity with their news stories by simply sending press releases to news desks and presenters when what they need to be thinking about is the context of this story to the listeners. Radio presenters and news desks have an eye for outright promotion albeit they understand our objectives, but they have a great deal of respect for marketers that spend time to put the context into the story.

We have had positive experience of helping clients get on the radio from interviews about their events to supporting phone in’s on local radio stations. In all instances we have researched the context for the listeners and framed our story appropriately or in the case of our professional service client, looked at how our expertise can help the listeners and therefore the appeal of the programme.

Still not convinced of the power of radio?

Then have a look at our 5 reasons to use radio:

Efficient targeting: Radio targets audiences efficiently because different stations attract different listeners allowing advertisers to talk selectively to a group according to the station and the time slot of the show. Added to this radio’s regional focus allows brands to target key market areas.

Reach at relevant times: Most listeners are engaged with the radio whilst doing another activity which means that advertisers can reach listeners at key parts of the day such as on the school run, at work, on their daily commute or before going out in the evening. Research shows that advertising which is relevant to what the listener is currently doing is likely to be more effective.

Radio reaches the ad avoidance world: Research shows that radio and cinema has the lowest level of advertising avoidance. People rarely switch stations and are therefore available to listen to any message that is relevant, creative, intriguing. However you should always check the stations ad to music and talk ratio.

Radio drives response online: Radio has always been a strong call-to-action medium, and this is even more true in a world where consumers access brands via the internet. The online multiplier study found that radio can drive brand browsing by over 52%.

Radio is “a friend”: Listeners use radio for emotional reasons – to keep their spirits up, to stop themselves feeling bored in the car or while doing the daily chores. This leads to listeners seeing radio as a friend and is a valuable context for advertisers to appear in. Presenters cultivate this relationship so that listeners feel that they are being spoken to on a one to one basis. This makes a much more powerful advertising opportunity when presenters talk about “our friends from company x”

Radio is a powerful channel for your brand whether this be through paid or non paid means and with podcasts can easily be transferred to social media, via email marketing and on your website. If you are looking to target your audience more specifically and need help with the context and relevance of your story then get in contact with us at Bricks Marketing