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20Twenty Productions, a Community Interest Company, received funding for the development of a creative platform to support young people initially in East Cambridgeshire and Fenland.

From the initial Discovery Day we had identified that email marketing was going to be an essential part of their marketing as a way of converting free trial members to full members, creating a referral programme to grow the membership and maintaining activity on the site.


Once the branding, colour palette and messaging had been agreed we were able to start designing templates on Mailchimp and Memberpress that were all on brand. Neurons now have a selection of templates using the right colours and fonts as the main site.

In addition the powerful automation tools in Memberpress and Mailchimp have meant that we were able to automate the regular emails such as:

  • Sign up to the newsletter
  • New member welcome
  • Membership renewals
  • Membership offers
  • Upgrades to your memberships
  • New activities available online

 This allows the team to focus on creating the content for the activities and update the website with news and comment.


By developing a colour pallet, suite of icons and fresh new branding we have been able to design templates that are on brand and provide the user with the reassurance that they are receiving a bonafide email from Neurons rather than spam. Building up this trust and credibility with the parents and schools is of the utmost importance when you are involved with projects for young people. We also mapped out the user journey for people signing up and the conversion funnel so we could make use of email automation to move people from a free trial to a full subscription.

Email marketing and automation is a powerful tool, If you are looking for help with your email marketing design or want to discuss how email automation can to support your business goals give us a call or an email and lets have a chat.

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Natalie helped us appreciate the value of email marketing and the importance of a consistently branded approach. We were already doing some email marketing but often lacked the time, ideas and impetus to keep it going. Through a complete review of our email marketing and employing some smart automation we have managed to maintain communication without absorbing all our time. Thanks Brick

Tim Nightingale 

Director of Comms and Evaluation, 20Twenty Productions