21 June 2021
Why I use pronouns in my email signature and social media bios

I was reminded today of the importance of using pronouns when LinkedIn prompted me to add mine to my bio. They have been on my email signature for some time but I hadn’t made the jump to adding them to LinkedIn for no other reason than I had forgot. This step is an important one for the inclusion and diversity movement as it starts to normalise discussions and understanding.

But why do people add their pronouns?

There are a few reasons for using your pronouns:

  1. For many transgender people, it is an easy way to show the world the pronouns they’d like you to use when you are talking to them and about them.
  2. You have attended Diversity and Inclusion training and have been advised by your company to do this.
  3. You want to include your pronouns to normalise the discussion about gender and show that you will not assume someone’s gender.

For me adding my pronouns is for reason number 3; normalising this discussion, reminding myself and others not to assume someone’s gender, and moving to a safe inclusive, and diverse world.

Gina Battye LBGT+ Inclusion Consultant,

“Including pronouns in your email signature and social media profiles is an important move towards inclusivity. It shows you care about individuals preferences and is a simple solution to accidental misgendering”

Misgendering, as I learnt, is getting someone’s gender wrong. This can be so embarrassing and hurtful to the person you are speaking to and yourself. If this happens, it is best to apologise immediately, correct yourself and continue your conversation.

If you don’t know what pronouns to use just ask, people are more than happy to let you know what they use.

Now I don’t profess to be an expert in the discussion of diversity and inclusion but I feel it is so important to start the process where the discussion is normalised and can be had without embarrassment.

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